Scientific & Laboratory Moves

Welch’s Specialist Movements has had a long and distinguished history working alongside some of the top, scientific departments in the UK. Not only do we move equipment, such as air pressure level laser tables, but often they have to be moved within some of the oldest and most protected buildings in the UK.

We have an array of equipment which can overcome access problems, especially in older buildings where doorways and corridors can be cramped, lifts too narrow and floors or stairways too steep. Skates, stair climbers, lifting jacks and hoists allow us to solve these problems associated with scientific and laboratory moves. 

We have experience in relocating a wide variety of sensitive objects, from laser tables to inspection chambers or scientific work benches. Our dedicated team is well-equipped to move your scientific and laboratory equipment, no matter its complexity or size.

The University of Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory, where the electron was discovered, Kings College London Physics Department and the British Antarctic Survey; all call upon our expertise when it comes to uninstalling, moving and re-installing scientific and laboratory equipment.

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Do you provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements?

Yes, we can provide you with these; either following on from a site survey or we can offer generic copies.

Do you offer site surveys?

Yes, we offer these free to the local Cambridgeshire area.

What insurance levels do you offer?

We offer standard RHA insurance, however we do offer a higher level, tailored closely to your needs upon application.

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