Boat Lifts & Moves

We can provide the crane and the trailer you need, along with ‘safe route’ planning and escort vehicles. If your boat is of the correct weight and dimensions, we can offer the services of one of our crane trailers which can cut your hire costs in half.

One of our most recent boat moves was The ‘Parity’ House boat. With dimensions of 50ft x 14ft x 13ft we relocated her from Daylock Marina in Hartford to Upware, Cambridgeshire. Before the move commenced, we visited both Marinas to ensure that we were able to transport her safely and with minimal disruption on the roads.

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Will a site survey be required?

Yes, we need to survey the location to check ground conditions, lifting space and a physical check of the actual cargo.

What additional information do I need to provide?

One of the most important pieces of information is the ‘draught’ of the boat, as this dictates the way we lift it and transport it.

The marina does not have a crane, can you provide one?

Yes, we have a range of mobile cranes, or if the boat is small enough, it may fit on one of our crane trailers.

How big a boat can you lift?

We can handle virtually any sized boat, after a certain size however it does become an abnormal load, but this is not a problem as we're handling abnormal loads frequently :

Please see for a good idea of when a larger boat officially becomes an abnormal load


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