Abnormal & Fragile Loads

We have in-house equipment and expertise to lift, handle and install items of all sizes and weights. Our fleet is comprised of: Semi low loaders and standard low loaders as well as crane trailers, flatbeds and extra-high curtain-sided trailers with a retractable roof. In addition to our fleet, Welch’s Specialist Movements is highly skilled in load rigging, sheeting and moving.

We are well versed in dealing with out-of-the-ordinary movements, whether abnormal loads, road closures, designated routing or the provision of standard and police escorts. All health and safety regulations are handled comprehensively with the provision of method statements, risk assessments and lifting plans.

On a regular basis we move:

  • Agricultural components
  • Robotic machinery
  • Aircraft components
  • Steel works
  • Motorway signage
  • Fully grown trees
  • Vehicles
  • Museum exhibition pieces
  • Boats
  • Small aircraft
  • Production machinery
  • Virtual ride simulators
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What is an abnormal load?

An abnormal, indivisible load is one which cannot be divided into two or more loads for the purpose of carriage, on account of its length, width, height or weight.

The dimensions of an abnormal load are as follows:


  • C & U Regs and STGO - Over 305 mm overhang on either side.
  • C & U Regs – Over 2.9 metres overall width.
  • STGO – Over 3metres overall width



  • C & U Regs – Over 18.65 metres rigid length.
  • STGO – Over 18.75 metres rigid length
  • C & U and STGO – Over 25.9 metres overall length
  • C & U and STGO – Over 3.05 metres overhang (load) to front or rear.



  • C & U and STGO – Exceeding authorised weight for that class of vehicle (generally 44 tonnes).

Depending on the size of your load, a route survey may be required to ensure the roads are suitable and there is adequate access.

What insurance levels do you offer?

We offer standard RHA insurance, however we do offer a higher level, tailored closely to your needs upon application.

Do you travel to Europe?

Yes, we travel all over the UK and Europe.

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