Newest Projects
Storage Tank Delivery

Working with a stainless steel company in Norwich nothing is too much for our team, collecting 6 x  8Mt L x 3.5Mt W & H weighing 3650kgs each. 

Vickers Valiant B1 (XD826) and Handley Page Victor K2 (XH669)

A few months back we were asked to visit ‘destination unknown’ all we had was a postcode, not knowing where we were going and what awaited us was something special …. The doors opened up and our sunglasses came off to a Vickers Valiant B1 (XD826) and Handley Page Victor K2 (XH669) both of which were heading to Imperial War Museum Duxford (once we had cleared the way) and will be featured in the newly reopened Conservation In Action hangar at IWM at a later date.

If anything seeing and moving these cockpits was simply a privilege and honour … our relationship continues to grow with the museum and each move we carry out we appreciate the history and care that goes into keeping our past present.

CASA Heinkel 111

Just imagine that back in March 1995 when the CASA Heinkel 111 was flown in by helicopter to the Imperial War Museum Duxford, who knew then that she was to be moved again, but this time by road down to The Battle of Britain Museum, Kent for restoration to her original specification.

The CASA Heinkel bomber is somewhat a 'superstar' being only one of 2 in this country and appearing in the 1969 Battle of Britain film.

Now it was back in November 2019 that we were approached, and we visited IWM Duxford to look at the aircraft in the hanger with David Brocklehurst MBE to begin the discussion in transporting her and with a width of 7m this would require some planning.

With Martin Burgess taking the lead on this move, our conversations had to begin with the Highways Agency to submit our application and seek authority from the local constabularies to advise of the move, following many route surveys to ensure a smooth transit down to the museum our approval was granted in March 2020 and with an agreed date of 15th March @ 1:00am we put all our planning into action......

On a personal note we at Welch's Specialist Movements were honoured to be part of such a special move and to work with The Kent Battle of Britain museum and David Brocklehurst MBE was a privilage.

A huge thank you to our team Nigel Mallen, Neil Smith, Phil Gibson, John Abbott and Jack Pepper-Williams

Newest Videos
Heading Home Valiant B1 (XD826) and Handley Page Victor K2 (XH669)

What an honour this has been enjoy this small clip as the Valiant and Victor make their way home to Imperial War Museuam. 

Royal Air Force Museum - Boat Move

Well, what a busy month it has been, May saw one of the biggest contract lifts to date. Martin Burgess had been planning the lift for 2 years devoting his time and organising everything from the lift team, mobile crane, portable trackway, lifting frame, spreader beams, new boat stands, transport and even right down to the smallest shackle. A very proud moment and what a privilage to be involved in such a high profile project with The Royal Air Force Museum, London.

Tank Museum Move - Sep 2016 

Alongside our good friends Borley Brothers Engineering we spent just over a week bringing back 11x WWII military vehicles from Bovington Tank Museum near Bournemouth to a secret location!

This video demonstrates what goes into just getting two immobile vehicles on and off a trailer.... Well done to our John Abbott for another Stirling job!

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